How to Display Products in PrestaShop CMS Pages Using Visual Composer?


Every shop owners would love to show their products in the best places at their website where the reason to visit as a visitor to look over those products in a better way. This is why showing or displaying your products in different places within your website is an important part if you are an e-commerce shop owner. We often need to display as featured product, popular product, category wise product, best selling products, upcoming products etc. 

As a PrestaShop users you know how harder it could be to display a products at your website. If you want to display them you need to use different modules for a different type of products, need to use various short codes and you know how horrible and painful to remember a short code while developing a website! 


Also, you need to set hook somehow, where you want to show the selected  products. For that reason, you have to go through the module tab an them related modules.
In fact you can’t show them in your pages or CMS pages. By default PrestaShop lets you add only some text content and images in CMS pages like this-


But to grow a business most of the time shop owners want to showcase their product in a particular page. They want to manage the page responsively. Isn’t it make sense? Well, to build and display your selected products on CMS pages you won’t have to use ShortCode anymore! 

Introducing Visual Composer for PrestaShop and let’s see how to Display Products at CMS Pages in an easier way! 

Well, Visual Composer is the powerhouse of making PrestaShop modules which will help to create your website building needs in a responsive way using super easiest drag and drop option. Building various elements is so easy that you ever think before. 


Most importantly you can display any kind of product in your CMS pages as much as you want. You can limit the number of products, you can set them as column-wise or even you can show as a single product. Like anything that you want! 

So, to display your product You just need to go- Improve> Design> Pages> Then Select the page where you want to add products> Click on Backend Editor and type on search button like the image below-


You may search based on your requirements and get them!
Featured product
New products
Bestseller product
Special products
Product supplier
Show a single product
Show multiple products
Show multiple products by ID or SKU
Show multiple products in a category
Show multiple products in a manufacturer
Display manufacturer product loop 

like whatever you want and however you want! 


How to use this?

You will also get multiple options of customization and able to optimize all your CMS pages. You know, add products easily to your pages will increase your average cart and sales. Adding products to CMS pages will increase traffic to your catalog and SEO effect.


Want to see how it looks like? Just save it and see the preview!


Isn’t that so funny? Like the playing game!
And the most interesting thing while using Visual Composer is you can add other elements too when designing the page without having a coding knowledge!

Let’s say you can add a banner, slider, graph, and anything you want to design your page.

This is just one of the solution out of 32+ more awesome elements that you will get from Visual Composer for PrestaShop content builder module.


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