How to Display an Image Gallery Using Visual Composer in PrestaShop CMS?


PrestaShop is an e-commerce CMS platform where you’ve to work with products. This is why most of the time you need to show different types of image gallery for users. As because of using an stylish image layout is an easy and powerful way to organize your contents for maximize your sites visual appeal.

As a PrestaShop user, you can create this type of image layout on your homepage or any other pages to showcase awesome photos of your products. 


Let’s see how PrestaShop users facing problem with their existing solution! 

I am newbie in PrestaShop and had a problem to display category in home page. Can i show category with image in displayHomeTab position or any other solutions to display category in home page.
PrestaShop Forum User

Where the solution on that users question is- you need to create a module that will be hooked in displayHomeTab. Like this there are a lot of technical barriers to display products image galleries!

Display an Image Gallery Using Visual Composer

Visual Composer is kind of a content making powerhouse with multiple sets of elements that will help you to build, create and design your website elements within few minutes with drag and drop feature. So, on this guide let’s see how to display image gallery using Visual Composer! 

Step 1 – Get Visual Composer from Envato Marketplace

Step 2 – Search Image Gallery Element from VC

After getting Visual Composer in your website, choose your desired page from Design section from the left side panel of your website dashboard. Then go to visual composer’s backend editor and search Image Gallery! 

Step 3 – Setting your Image Gallery Element 


You can choose gallery type like Flex slider fade, Flex slider slide, Nivo Slider, Image Grid view and will get other image setup options. Most importantly you can show the gallery in any hook anywhere within your website, also you can make slider using image carousel element! 

To show your image gallery in any hook, you just need to select hook where you want. You can show it in any of your CMS pages. In CMS page our editor automatically works like a charm. You have to just drag n drop to show the image gallery. 

What more other elements does Visual Composer have?

So, think about the TIME and MONEY, you will be saving by including incredibly flexible and versatile Module to your library. You will do things with PrestaShop that you previously thought never possible, let alone how much time it would take a Dev team to create!

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