How to Create a Banner HomePage in PrestaShop!


No doubt! Your homepage is one of the most important interfaces and something to show off for your eCommerce brand that you’ll ever have. That means you are giving a chance for a landing with expectations to your visitors at your shop or website, that we might be called it as the landing page, right?

Look, within a landing page or any other page, a banner (highlight your sales and new products in a visual and friendly way) is something very important that your visitors usually get notified. 


As a shop owner, you need to offer your visitors or customers with different promotions, upcoming, discounts, coupons or something which will appear on the homepage in your shop with a link and description.

We are going to consider you as an eCommerce shop owner or who think about to open a new shop using PrestaShop CMS, you might have already know why a banner is so important especially in the eCommerce industry.

How we do it Usually

Let’s see how it is running now in PrestaShop to create a banner in the homepage. You have to go PrestaShop Modules & Services tab then search for default banner then configure few options. Also transplant to a hook.


 If you want to use the same kind of banner in some other product page or some other blog page or any CMS page, how will you do that? 

Honestly saying, this is truly impossible to add any banners inside a CMS page.

In 1.6.x it is not possible to use the same banner in the different hook like a normal user. In the version of 1.7.x though you can hook the same content in another hook, what about to use it inside a text block area like a CMS pages?

But you know what, web technology is changing and has become smarter day by day! so, some customization process is quite impossible in PrestaShop’s default architecture when you think about to design a banner column! or you just want to use the same banner into other pages.


Sad but true is that this is surely impossible and a nightmare for any PrestaShop developers too!

Create Banner HomePage smartly in PrestaShop stores using Visual Composer! 

This is why PrestaSian (Formerly SmartDataSoft) has just been developed an entire solution to reduce PrestaShop users hassle in their shop development, which has named as Visual Composer for PrestaShop. Well, VC gives you to take full control over your PrestaShop site with Front-end and Backend editor options. So that, you can easily build awesome banners anywhere you want as you’ve ever thought before!

Let’s see how to create a banner and use them anywhere in your homepage or any other CMS pages at your PrestaShop website using Visual Composer. 

Look, visual composer is a collection of modules where you can do a lot of things and obviously in a hassle free way. When you get Visual Composer installed in your shop you will able to see a side tab named ‘VC Content Any Where’ under the ‘Visual Composer’ section. 


After then, you have to put a name of your banner and may set exception where you want to see your created banner! This exception could be yes or no, it’s up to your choice.  By setting YES, you can set this banner into some exceptional block area around your website like- address, cart, category, contact, etc. If you select NO, then this banner will go to everywhere.

Then select Display Hook (Hooking position where you want to show your banner) position like the image below-



Setting up the Banner hook you have to just click on this Backend Editor!


You’ll see- 


You’ll get lots of ready elements to use in your site. You can now add banner images as much as you want by using Single Image element option. 


Using this element you will get plenty of superb banner design options which will definitely make you happy more than ever before! You may style your banners in rounded, shadow, 3D shadow, circled, outlined shape whatever you want. You may also able to give your banner by an image link and lots more design options. 



Drag & Drop Column Option


Well, want to see how it looks like after the drag & drop banner image? Just click like the image (‘Blogtest’ is the example of a shop name) below- 


Preview Image 


So, it’s up to you now to design awesome banners in your homepage wherever you want and however you want using drag & drop features of Visual Composer and get 32+ incredible content building elements not only the banner images!



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