How to Build PrestaShop CMS Page Contents Using Column Element of Visual Composer?


Design and styling columns and rows on CMS pages in PrestaShop was just horrible and awful! Look, we didn’t said it but let’s see how a PrestaShop user named ‘Rasmus S’ expressed his opinion on PrestaShop Forum like this-

"I tried to design my CMS pages in Presta Shop with an html table to make different zones on the page for different content. This didn't work too well in various browsers. It looked awful in on mobile devices and only looked good in Firefox."
Rasmus S
PrestaShop Forum User

Well, if you have a single knowledge on designing and might have already know that, most of the time you need to show contents in different columns in your shop or website. Sometimes this could be an important need to keep some text in one column and image slider as well in another column like the image below-


We often see how shop owners want to display their products in multi columns. In fact in 2019 this is sad but true that in PrestaShop doesn’t have any smart module to design column/row systems responsively! But there is a solution for column/row design options in your CMS pages without coding knowledge 😮!

Visual Composer gives you that option to manipulate with column container properties and instantly affect all the columns it contains. With few clicks, you can control row/column width, gaps between columns, column and content position, and more. This module has the ability to build as many columns as you want and put different contents inside them. See the image below how easy to set columns/rows in your CMS pages! 


You can add core PrestaShop contents inside any created columns, it could be anything. Your created content blocks will be responsive automatically. So when someone view the page from a mobile device,  will be able to see it according to mobile format. Isn’t it so amazing? 

While use Visual Composer, you only need to select what you want to show inside the column like this image below-


Just drag your desired content element and drop it into your CMS page! 

Then save it or see this as preview from the Frontend, you will see the content in the live mode!

But if you want to see your content in the front, or If you want to show them in any hook. You just need to select that hook you want. Also, you can able to do all this
in the CMS pages at PrestaShop. 



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