How to add SocialMedia Share Buttons in PrestaShop, Using Visual Composer?


You have noticed that how people are being engaged with using Social Media platforms and this is why usage of Social Media buttons has increased almost everywhere like websites pages, product pages, blog posts, press, NewsRooms etc. People often love to share anything at any time to let aware others in their circle. Even though if you are not using Social Media platforms but you may use it on your shop or website to get customer experience, Brand exposure, reach to your target market, and influence SEO benefits.
This content is about to let you know, how you can add social media share buttons using Visual Composer for PrestaShop (VC).

Well you already might have known that VC is kind of a powerhouse of making PrestaShop modules which will help you to create your website building needs in a responsive way using super easiest drag and drop option. Building various elements is so easy that you ever think before. 

So, if you don’t have VC in your PrestaShop, you may get it from Envato marketplace! Or if you already have please just skip this step and look at the below process how to add social media share buttons using VC. 

At first please log into your admin panel and then follow this path in Improve section: Design> Pages and select the page where you want to add Social Media Buttons! 

and click on the backend editor panel, to add your desired elements! and follow the process from the images below- 


Add Social Media Share button from the VC’s module tab or may type at the search bar!


Select the hook, where you want to see your elements appear! 

After then, adding element you can preview the content like the image below-  


You can add your required elements as much as you can, and wherever you want! 


There it is! The most important things is- You’ll get all kind of elements in one Visual Composer. So this will be your ultimate content building solution for PrestaShop CMS! 

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