How to Add a Contact Form in a CMS pages Module at PrestaShop?

We all know how important a Contact Form is within a website. As a shop owner this is the ultimate goal for anyone to get contact with visitors! So, this How to’s content is about to setup Contact Form easily using Visual Composer! So, before that we want to show you a real users story that we’d seen on at PrestaShop Forum which was painful when she ask how to create a contact form for a cms page, but the CMS page doesn’t seem to handle PHP inside of it. Is there any way to change that?

But the reply from another user is like this- “if you want to use php code on cms page, you have to insert it in CMScontroller.php file located in controllers/front/ directory,
in init() function. then you can easily create form in cms editor in back office!” 

Then again what she replied?

Hum, I'm not sure what you mean. I found the file and the function, but I have no clue on what to insert there. And believe me, I searched hard! I also tried adding an iframe to the cms page - didn't work tried adding an extremely simple html form - cms doesn't support it also. I'm beginning to realise cms pages are very limited in terms of code. 🙁
Ana Silva
PrestaShop Forum User

“‘Huh,’ ‘that conversation goes into a long story!
But let’s say We don’t have enough time in 2019! and we don’t need to be a coding expert or don’t even need to use ShortCodes to develop own shop!”

The Problem!

Can you show Contact Form in any CMS page? Also, somehow we need to show location information like google map. We usually see Contact Form in contact us page. But what about if you need a Contact Form in other pages?
You can create custom pages in PrestaShop 1.6 and we called it as CMS page. But in 1.7 you will get it from Design>pages.

But there is no such a solution to show Contact Us in other CMS pages! 

The Solution!

You might have already heard about Visual Composer which is kind of a Content making powerhouse with multiple sets of elements that will help you to build, create and design your website elements within few minutes with drag and drop feature. So, on this guide let’s see How to Add a Contact Form in a CMS pages Module at PrestaShop?

Step 1 – Get Visual Composer from Envato Marketplace

Step 2 – Search Contact Information and add it!


What more other elements does Visual Composer have when you’re editing Contact Us CMS page?

In fact, you’d saw that there are a lots more other core modules that will definitely enrich your pages good enough! -Email subscription -Banner -currency selector -link list -image slider -search bar -social media share button -shopping cart -main menu -category tree link
So, think about the TIME and MONEY, you will be saving by including incredibly flexible and versatile Module to your library. You will do things with PrestaShop that you previously thought never possible, let alone how much time it would take a Dev team to create!

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